Friday, September 12, 2008

My Number One


When I think about the wedding I will have some day, I use some advice I got from Sara at  I like to think about what I want the guests and Vince and I to think and feel when the wedding is over.  I make the list in my head often, and the first thing that always comes to my mind is: FUN.  

Now to me, fun does not mean having an ice sculpture with our initials.  It does not mean having a huge band.  It does not mean an expensive dress, a ton of flowers, a perfectly matching wedding party, a huge tasteless cake, or an old remodeled car to leave in.  In fact, these details sound like a headache to me.  The opposite of fun.

To me, fun means just that.  FUN.  Entertainment.  Laughter.  Drinking.  These things are what I want our wedding to be about.  I want people to leave thinking, "wow, I didn't even notice if the cocktail napkins had the couples initials on them because I was having so much fun!"  I want people to laugh and feel relaxed.  I do NOT want people to feel like they are outsiders at an exclusive show.  

At many weddings I have attended I have found that unless you are in the wedding party, you're kind of on the outside.  Most people who are not directly involved in the wedding end up sitting at their table watching the wedding party get drunk and dance.  This is something I want to avoid.  I want to have things that everyone can do, so no one is bored if they don't feel like dancing.

These pictures are from a wedding I saw awhile ago on  I think they are hilarious.  I love the idea of having a flowerguy instead of a flower girl.  I love ideas that take the stress and seriousness out of a wedding and just make it fun and funny.  

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JB said...

Hey! Great blog you've got! All the best of luck and I'll stop by as often as possible. I love the pics you posted here.

Marriage isn't always "bliss" but it's joy and I hope if comes for you soon.