Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A new addiction...

First of all, I am obsessed with the website picnik.  You can upload your own pictures and then play around with the effects, text, images, frames etc.  There are so many options and it's really fun to edit pictures.  It's totally free and a great way to waste a LOT of time:)

Second, I am finding myself in love with these pom pom's from The Martha.  They are too cute! I saw the kit at Michael's and I really want to buy it and start playing around with them.  I think it's great for a wedding or a baby shower or even a party!  Such a cheap fun way to decorate, I think.  How awesome would they look in a baby nursery??

I'm not sure where I found this picture, but it's from a killer wedding.

I love big inexpensive ways to bring color and decoration to a party or wedding.  FUN!


redframe said...

I love pompoms I want pompoms but I fear it is a little too late to start getting crafty now... Boo. Also some divine tulle ones on posted Thursday October 9, 2008.

redframe said...

I mean Gotta figure out how to link in comments!