Monday, October 6, 2008

Some things concern me...

On our way to a fun filled night at the drive-in this weekend I witnessed a sad sight.  Picture this: you just said your incredible vows to your now husband.  You looked into his eyes and saw your wonderful future filled with happiness.  You were whisked away in a fancy old Rolls Royce and are on your way to your reception to spend a few exciting and fun hours with your family and friends.
THIS is not what I saw when we were driving next to the Rolls Royce with a bride and groom inside.  I saw stress.  I know it was stress and nothing else.  I saw no happiness.  I saw no love.  I saw stress and worry.  I saw a frustrated groom barking at the driver.  I saw a close to tears bride talking angrily to her new husband.  This is the saddest image I have seen involving weddings in a long time.  

I don't know the circumstances surrounding their stress.  I may be totally out of line, but judging from weddings I've personally been involved in, I'm willing to bet it was stress over trivial things.  Maybe the flowers weren't perfect.  Perhaps he didn't dip her just the way they had rehearsed for their first kiss.  Whatever the reason, I found myself wanting to roll down my window and yell,

It is so sad and frustrating to me that brides don't realize how much they miss out on when they obsess over EVERY little detail.  As with anything in life, the more you put into something, the more you will expect to get out of it.  If you spend a year of your engagement worrying and stressing over tiny details like monogrammed cocktail napkins and tying the perfect bow on your programs, you are more likely to be stressed when the event comes to fruition.  

I know I am probably the minority here, but I just can't wrap my head around this competition that weddings have become.  Who can have their names printed on more things.  Who had a bigger ice sculpture.  Who had a better band, better cake, better flowers.  I ask you my friends...


How about we try THIS competition:

Who is going to have the happier more fulfilling and respectful marriage? 
 I wish every couple out there was competing in this arena. 


Jenny.Lee said...

AMEN!!! This is the exact reason why we are trying to keep everything so low key. I was just talking to my sister in law over the weekend about the "let down" I hear so many brides talk about after their wedding day. Too many brides obsess over the "big day" that they lose focus about the marriage that is to follow.

Adrienne said...

I couldn't agree more! I know I obsess over things regarding our wedding day, but I have already told myself that on the day of I am going to just let go and what ever happens happens, as long as we end the day married then it was successful!

bekapaige said...

Wow, how sad that they were fighting and yelling when they should have been taking advantage of the back seat for some kissing loving ;)

It's a Jaime Thing said...

I LOVE that you wrote this - and I think your blog is great too, so I've featured your blog on mine! :) Keep up the great work...also, wondering if you might be interested in a possible link exchange? If so, I'd be happy to also add you to my blog roll.

Have a fabulous day!
Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"