Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You better not pout I'm tellin you why...

So....I know it's a tiny bit early for Christmas shopping, but I really like to get a head start on things.  I have vowed this year to only buy things that fall under one or more of these categories:
1) Handmade
3)Something that can be used (tickets, etc)
4)Good for the environment
So with that being said, here are a few items that I will be buying this Christmas....
These awesome reusable bags from Baggu
These adorable aprons from Etsy seller BellaBeeDesigns
This awesome *affordable* hand painted pottery.  I think these santa plates are so cute for my friends with kids...from etsy seller sweetpicklespottery

Are any of you making similar vows for present buying this year?  I really feel that with living in such a "have more buy more need more" society, we really all have enough "stuff", ya know?


Jenny.Lee said...

Seeing Nie in all those cute aprons made me want one! I have taken the handmade pledge as well!

Anonymous said...

I too vowed this this year -- for birthdays, weddings, holidays, you name's so fun to find 'THE perfect gift'!