Friday, November 14, 2008

Things going on with me...

This has been such a crazy week!  I have been (for the first time in my life) incredibly diligent with my workouts and eating super healthy.  Let me tell you something friends-it is WORTH IT!  I feel amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing.  I pop out of bed in the morning.  I skip up stairs, and I'm not hungry!  I eat when I feel hungry, but my body isn't craving crap anymore.  I feel so good, and I'm so motivated after my 3 pound loss this week.  I can't wait until next Wednesday and I hope to see some more numbers drop!
-My favorite low point meal this week?  Chicken breasts in the crockpot covered in salsa and then served with black beans, cilantro, cumin and a little fat free sour cream.  DELICIOUS!

So other than totally changing my lifestyle-I have been working on my research paper that I need to graduate with my bachelors.  It's a long story, but I have been out of college for 2 years and only had one class to finish in order to graduate.  I had almost given up on ever doing it, but with a push from my parents and Vince, I reenrolled, and I'm almost finished!  I'm doing my research on stay at home mothers and their happiness with their life.  I might be asking you readers to help me so stay tuned....

I have ALSO been working with the oh-so-wonderful Heather over at we met in a bar.  She is making our save the dates for us, and I am so excited with what she has come up with already.  If anyone is in the market for invitations-she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to work with.  

My mom and I finalized our guest list last night, and I feel really good about it.  We were fairly cut throat about who we wanted to be there.  I am confident that we will succeed in our desire to be surrounded by our closest family and friends.  Not strangers.

Now I leave you with some images that have made me SO happy this week:

These necklaces for my bridesmaids:
The idea of having a "tie tree" where guys can hang their ties at the reception.  The sign will read, "fellas, loosen up that tie and RELAX!"
This image from tying the knot.  She has totally sold me on the idea of matching socks for the boys.
This image again from tying the knot.  I just adore it.
And this just makes me smile.  (not sure where I found it)


jessica lynn said...

1. are those really the necklaces for your BM's?!?!!? I looooooove them!
2. thanks for mentioning and posting my pictures....i am glad that you like them and i adore them!
3. what a cute little blog you have!! :)

Jenny.Lee said...

Good luck on your paper! I dread writing any more of those. Love the necklace and that last shoe shot makes me really really want cowboy boots.

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

LOVE the necklaces for your bridesmaids...and the other pics too, actually! Congrats on being in the home stretch...and I would love to know what your conclusion is on your paper!

Being Brazen said...

great inspiration photos :)

Catherine Bixler said...

I LOVE the bridesmaids necklaces!
And I love that I'm your sister.

Heather from the bar said...

Awww thanks for the shout out! I am so excited to do these with you, they are gonna turn out great! I am still looking for that mustard paper... although with the color of those necklaces, the curry may be the direction you want to go in! I will head up to paper source this week and see if I can get some pieces of curry to practice print on :)