Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Engagement Party!

My mom and I ordered the invitations yesterday for Vince and my Engagement Party.  

Here is the example.  I changed the font, but otherwise, it's the same.
I'm so excited, and I think they are super cute. 

We got them on vistaprint
We got a great deal, and matching envelopes with return address on the back.  CUTE!  

Note: if you use vistaprint; google vistaprint coupons.  They are always having crazy sales (50% off kind of sales), and all you do is click on the coupon and it applies it to your total when you're about to check out.  

Do most people have engagement parties anymore?  I am excited to get together with close friends and family and celebrate.  Maybe my awesome sister can take some cute "engagement type" shots of us!


{amy lynn} said...

very classy.

so classy, in fact, i want to know more...

7 randoms. about you.



Adrienne said...

Love it! You gotta love vista print!

doodlebug said...

Your awesome sister would LOVE to take some cute "engagement type" shots of you guys!
I love you both so much.

jessica lynn said...

yay for vistaprint! cute & affordable!

Authentically U - Bride said...

Those are so cute!!! I have goten all my printing needs from vist print, even my save the date magnets. I got 200 for like $20. I wish someone would give me an engagement party. We'll see.......