Sunday, February 1, 2009

A fun weekend...

Ok-so let me tell you all a little something about Vince's job.  He works for an awesome company that started out tiny, has grown to be huge, and has still kept the small company attitude.  They treat their employees like gold and we both feel like we hit the jackpot with his job.  He loves what he does with a passion, and I love the fact that the company is family oriented and respectful to it's employees.

Last year for Christmas-they took the entire company to Florida and we stayed in a gorgeous resort all expenses paid.  They even gave us spending money!  This year, we stayed at a winery here in Georgia (yes, we have wineries!)
This is Chateau Elan:
Here is the cask room where the party was held:
The atrium lobby area:
Vince and Me after a few glasses of wine:

We had the best time.  They had awesome food at the party, full open bar-and a really fun band. I am so thankful and feel so lucky that he works for such a great company!


Jenny.Lee said...

That sounds like so much fun! He's very lucky to have such a great job!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

That is so cool! Too bad more companies are not like that.

LauraAnn said...

That does sound like an awesome company to work for!!!!

Heather from the bar said...

Amazing! Congrats to him for finding a great job!!!!

Brandon and Jamie said...

hi!! I get to your blog from the willis'... and randomly i just saw this-- and my mom works with Klue!! it's imageright... right? she went to FL last year and Chateau elon last weekend!