Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some random thoughts...

Save the Dates are going out this weekend!  
I'm so excited to have this project behind us, and I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks of them as they receive them.  The lovely Heather from We Met in a Bar designed and printed them for us with so much love.  If you have any need for an honest, easy going, hard working graphic designer, she is your girl.  Thanks again Heather, you're the best!

I ordered my ticket this morning for the Not Wedding here in Atlanta.  It should be a lot of fun, and I'm going with two other engaged girlfriends.  I'm also excited because our photographers will be there!

I am also super excited about getting my new headphones in the mail.  I ordered them from Overstock, and they were super affordable.  The ear buds that come with the iPhone really hurt my ears, and it effects my workout because I'm constantly adjusting them.  I can't wait to try these.

Last but certainly not least-I'm about to run to Barnes and Noble to get the newest Jodi Picoult book.  It sounds amazing, you can read the synopsis here.
Even more exciting is the fact that she is coming to my area next week, and it's free!  I'm going to meet her, and get her to sign my book.  I think she'll also be doing a Q&A, which I can't wait to hear.  If you love reading, I promise you her books will never disappoint.  I'm hoping we'll do one in the new online book club that Jane is starting!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.  I cannot believe it's already Thursday!


prettyface said...

Hey there! Glad you're following my blog :) I do try to eat very clean, as clean as possible, but I can't compromise on taste!

Stay in touch!

lovelymorning said...

congrats on getting the save the dates out! such a relief, right? you guys are getting married exactly a year after us!

so glad you like our new little project. we're really excited about it, but kind of nervous too.



Mrs. Smith said...

Love love LOVE your save the dates!

skywind said...

We all, appeared to be accidental, but in the end, have become the inevitable. :)

Health is the Greatest Happiness & The World at The Present

USCEmily said...

The Save the Dates are so cute!!!

Jenny.Lee said...

they are so cute! i second heather being amazing at what she does!

Caroline @ Bubbly Bride said...

I will race you to Barnes and Noble for the Jodi Picoult Book! Her books are addicting!

bekapaige said...

LOVE those STDs. Too cute!

Thanks for getting me back into the wedding groove again :) Funny how fast a week goes without me even realizing it!

jessica lynn said...

love your save the dates! heather does great work!

Teresa said...

I saw your STDs on Heather's blog. I love them!!

The Perfect Palette said...

Are those your actual save the dates?
thats our wedding date too :)
Just think our weddings will be going on at the very same time-just down the road!