Friday, April 29, 2011

Nursery Planning

We have had so much fun planning the nursery for our little Zulu Bean.  (Vince is from South Africa, and he started calling the baby Zulu Bean as soon as he knew we were pregnant, and the name has just stuck!)

Here is our inspiration board for the nursery:

-The armoir we might not do, as we don't have enough space.
-Vince is going to build the changing table as of now.  I might end up buying one if I can find a good deal.  I love the idea of the baskets so as our baby gets older, it will be easier for him/her to access toys and books, and of course to clean up!
-The lighting I adore, and have been on the hunt for something similar.  I know I'll find it soon!
-We will be purchasing our glider in the next few weeks, we are going to get a Best Chair and I cannot wait to rock our sweet baby to sleep in it.
-The crib we already got, but haven't put it together yet.  It took forever for me to find what we were looking for.  I wanted solid wood ends, and that is hard to find in white.  We finally found this one on Amazon.
-The bedding was also an exciting find.  I was planning to make it myself, as I have never seen bedding like what I had in mind.  I wanted all creams and neutrals with absolutely no characters on it.  I happened to find it on CLEARANCE at a baby store, and I snatched it right up.  Here's a sneak peek of it:

I just love all of the texture and interest it has.  I cannot wait to put it in the crib!

-We were going to build a corner unit, but again, space is preventing that from happening.  Vince has been working diligently to get the wainscoting finished, and so far it looks wonderful!  I will post pictures as soon as it's ready. 

So that's all for now.  Planning and decorating our baby's room has been such a fun experience.  Vince says he loves working for hours in the room and imagining what our baby will be like.  It gives us a lot of time to daydream and plan...

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