Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Book of Textures (sensory book)

I am making this post because I couldn't find a tutorial ANYWHERE online.  I visited my best friend a few weeks ago and her 3 year old had this book that her pre-school teachers made. Sawyer fell in LOVE with it, so I knew I had to make one for her.

It was fairly simple once I had all of the supplies.  To make it you will need:

CD sleeves (Office Depot)
1" album rings (Hobby Lobby)
reinforcement labels (Office Depot)
Hole Punch
Double Sided Tape

Different materials for texture. I used:
Silky-silk fabric
Leathery-leather scraps in the jewelry making section at hobby lobby
Bumpy-snakeskin scrapbook paper
Crinkly-plastic that I removed from the CD sleeves
Furry-fur in the craft section
Foamy-foam sheets
Scratchy-glittery foam sheet
Rough-cardboard scrapbooking sheet

 I first (very carefully) removed the plastic from the CD sleeves. This was tedious because the paper rips easily. 

Once I had the plastic removed, I made three holes on the side of all the sleeves.  I then put reinforcement stickers over the holes. 

Next I cut each texture to the size I needed to fit into the sleeve. I then put pieces of double sided tape on the back of the material and slid it into the sleeve.  Then I taped the flap shut with clear packing tape.

After I had all of the sleeves finished, I put them together with the album rings.  I printed a label to go in the front sleeve, and that was it!  I went through and wrote in sharpie each texture.  I wanted to print cute ones, but the space is pretty small so I just wrote them.  

It's a HUGE hit!  She has been playing with it for a few days now, and it's holding up well.  I have gone back and reinforced some spots with more clear packing tape, but so far she's being pretty gentle with it!  

I hope this helps anyone who wants to make one of these for their little one!  


  1. Well done tutorial. Good sensory activity. A winner!

  2. I have been desperately looking for this. Thank you!!!

  3. Where did you find the items for your pages,like the green bumpy?