Monday, September 22, 2008

A crafty Monday

Tonight has been very productive, as you will see below!  The first picture is from my closet.  The shelves were open and ugly, so I got some fabric, ironed on velcro and hung it up!  I love it, now Vince won't get mad at me for seeing my shoes...

This one is courtesy of nie's blog from a few Halloween's ago.  I spray painted branches and birds black and hot glued them.  Pretty spooky, huh?
This one below is the most time consuming project of the night, but so worth it!  I got fabric and ironed on velcro to the top.  Then I hot glued the beaded lining on the top and hung it on the shelf.  I spray painted the baskets on top and put various laundry room items in them.  I love it.  It was a lot of work, but with Heroes on tonight, I was in good company!

Up close for more detail....
Yay for crafts!  The rest of the week I will be doing a few more projects...stay tuned!

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Jenny.Lee said...

Love the curtain over the shoes and the Halloween decor. Nie would be proud!