Sunday, September 21, 2008

Decorating revisited...

Let me start of by saying that this has been a wonderful Sunday of doing nothing.  I have spent the past 4 hours looking through decorating magazines and online for decorating ideas.  This one below is the COOLEST idea I've seen in awhile.  It's a baby changing table redone into a bar.  HOW GREAT is THaT?!
The images below are different examples of headboard ideas that I want to do when I have a house some day (oh I wish I wish I wish for a house someday soon)
This one below is pieces of plywood covered in linen fabric.  So simple and classic for a master bedroom.
I think this would be great for a basement bedroom.  I would do it long ways instead of this one but the idea is super cool.  We watched Reign Over Me today and Adam Sandlers character had a thing for vintage albums.  I was thinking of creative ways to use them for decorating, and I think this is a keeper!
Last but not least, I love the simplicity of this wallpaper covered piece of plywood.  I simply adore the idea that you can make a project like this so easily and cheaply and switch it out whenever you need a change for holidays or seasons.   

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katealtmix said...

baby changing table=bar. LOVE that idea! that's about the biggest size our tiny apartment can handle when it comes to a bar. so, mental note made. thanks for the inspiration!