Monday, September 8, 2008

Hats off to the bride...

This was from a wedding in England.  I just love the English attitude about weddings.  A british friend of mine has told me that weddings across the pond are such a blast.  Everyone always has a great time, and the women wear hats!  I just think this is the best idea ever.

After talking to one friend who agreed that requesting guests wear hats to your wedding would be fun and appropriate, a wedding planner friend of mine said absolutely not.  I see both sides. Kate, my wedding /event planner friend argued that it is tacky to tell people what to wear to an event.  Based on the time of day, people should know what attire is appropriate, and should not be told (or asked) what to wear.  I agree with that, but when pictures look like this:


How could something so right be so wrong??

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