Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Organize your life

I am always in love with all things Martha.  She has such creative ideas and every time her daily tips pop up in my inbox, I get all warm and fuzzy inside.  This in particular is an idea I will be doing tomorrow:


OH OH OH!!  I just came across another idea on good old Martha's website.  I already have the magnetic board, so I will DEFINITELY be doing this tomorrow as well:

Here are the instructions if you're interested!!

Cover a plain magnetic board with pretty paper and it becomes an organizer and a work of art. Buy the board from an office-supply store. Cut a sheet of decorative paper slightly larger than the board, and lay it on top. Hold one half of the paper in place; lift up the other half. Brush a decoupage glue on the board. Glue down a small section at a time, working from the middle outward and smoothing as you go. Repeat for other half. Let dry. Flip board over. Cut notches at corners. Apply glue to paper edges; fold under. Once dry, brush polymer varnish over the board, including edges -- this makes it durable.

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Monique said...

Great ideas! So cute. :)