Sunday, October 12, 2008

Those who can't wed...

I am so excited!  A friend of mine just got engaged, and I talked to her today.  It was so fun to hear her talk about the beginning details and the things she wants to do.  She loves sage and gold, and I love that too (obviously, look at my blog).  I found these inspiration boards on Snippet and Ink and I just LOVE them!

She used the term "Simple Elegance" and I think that about sums these up, don't you?


Kelli said...

This color palette is beautiful!
I love your blog! You sound happy, fun and thankful for life, love and friends! I'll be back,

Jenny.Lee said...

These are all beautiful. Don't you just love Snippet & Ink!

Amanda said...

I love the Snippet & Ink inspiration boards as well.

P.S. thanks for the heads up on the Super Snooze. It gets rave reviews online and I think it's exactly what I'm looking for!