Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dj's make the people come together!

Good morning lovelies!  
Great news!  We hired our DJ last night.  His name is Harrison and he is fantastic.  Young, fun and NOT cheesy.  I feel so great about this decision, and can't wait to start working on our ideal playlist for our reception.  It's crazy to see the wedding come together in my mind and be able to put a face with previously unknown images.  Now I can picture Harrison at Neverland, and I see everyone having a great time! 

And now a new wedding project.
Escort Cards. 
I wasn't going to do them because we are having a buffet, but I've been told we should have assigned seating.  
A new project means new searching.  
Wish me luck.
These are a few I like so far all from the knot


Jenny.Lee said...

I love the leaves!

Heather from the bar said...

oh the buttons are so elegant yet very down home! love it!

Bill & Stacie said...

Love the leaves. Don't do assigned seating, people resent it. You can still have place cards though.

Kilee said...

my fiance and I were not going to do seating and it has become a bit of a sore spot, but i decided we need to do them because guests want to know where to sit.

thanks for posting these!


Christel said...

I like assigned seating...it's just a table and you don't even end up sitting at it that long anyways...you are up and moving around...so it's really just a nice intimate sharing of the meal and then your off to mingle!!!

I love love love the shutter...so charming and makes me think a "window into a new life"

I am thinking that I am going to do a gift and place card combo for ours...with white starfish wrapped in some beautiful shreads of fabric with a blessing and a gift to charity attatched as well as the table and name or coarse on recycled card stock!!! Just haven't come up with the display yet!!!

Jess and Frankie said...

i love those! and you got an award, check out my blog!

Globetrottingbride said...

These are all great! I especially love the leaves.

Fall Wedding Bride said...

I really like the library looking one.. That is really cute!