Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a relief...

It absolutely feels so good to be making progress in planning our wedding.  I am relieved that we have hired our vendors who will be there on our wedding day.  It makes it seem even more real and I feel so much anticipation and happiness when I am talking to them and thinking, "they are going to be at my wedding, helping to make it fantastic!"

We have our incredible Venue with the most amazing coordinator ever.
We hired our DJ
We hired our Photographer
We hired our Videographer
We have a place for our rehearsal dinner
We have a dressmaker (not confirmed yet, but I'm meeting with two women this week)
We have an amazing chick making our Invitations...(you might know her! :))
We have this fantastic Etsy seller making our flower girl fairy dresses
We have a definite bridesmaid/groomsmen look :)

We are well on our way folks.  Well on our way to being Mr. and Mrs.


Fall Wedding Bride said...

Congrats on everything you have gotten done! My wedding is over a year away but I have already got the location of the wedding and I have already hired the DJ. We are not having a photographer. :)

LauraAnn said...

Yay! It looks like everything is falling into place! That is awesome!!!!

jessica lynn said...

the picture of your venue looks stunning!

santidad a Jehová said...

very good!
good pictures

Mrs. Cup said...

That's so exciting!!! YAY!

Julia Remix said...

Big progress! Now it should all be fun stuff. :)

Heather from the bar said...

yay for getting so much accomplished! You are one good wedding planner! I am almost done with a few mock ups for you! I will send them over within a few days :)

katie said...

congrats! i'm so glad you're getting everything done now instead of doing it at the last minute like me!!

good job!