Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 18 and a reminder for me

Here we are in week 18 and I cannot believe how fast time is flying now.  When I was 6 weeks pregnant, I remember feeling like this was going to last forever, and now I cannot believe how fast it's all coming.  
I've gotten so many sweet comments and compliments for my pregnancy pictures I've been doing.  I love being creative, and I absolutely adore trying to do something different from the norm.  However, today I was reminded just how unoriginal I actually am!  
I did a Google image search of bell peppers for the weekly update I send to our family.  One of the pictures that came up was this one from THIS BLOG:

I mean, I thought my pictures were pretty cute, but this girl just blew me away!  You must click on the link to her blog to see all of her fruit and veggie pregnancy pictures.  Just too cute, I tell you!

Now just for fun, I'm sharing one of my favorite images from Pinterest today.  If you're not on Pinterest, you're insane and you must head over there as fast as your fingers can carry you and sign up.  It's wonderful inspiration for absolutely anything you want to be inspired by. 

Here's my Pinterest love of the day:
What a great idea, huh?!  I might do this with all of my crayons and craft markers as well...
Check it out here


Carolee Beckham said...

:) you're a cute pregnant lady! it's a fun thing to document, isn't it?

Brittany said...

Awe, thanks Carolee! I poured over your pictures forever! You are so creative!